Zeplin – manual for designers

Zeplin – manual for designers

What is Zeplin? It’s Turkish start-up that really be link between designers and developers. For now there are mac and web client.

Using this service designers can easily provide there graphic for developers from Sketch or Photoshop artboards. So, you can choose Android, Web or iOS design you need to transfer, than using simple shortcut key you transfer graphic from Photoshop or Sketch.

Before using you must install plugin to Photoshop or Sketch. Here is little instruction from Zeplin

I can tell more detail about using Photoshop + Zeplin. Before exporting artboards you need mark all you assets that need be downloaded in future by developers. For example menu icon like I show on this screenshot:

When you mark all assets you can export artboard/arboards to Zeplin. You need to choose correct resolution for your layouts. 

And just wait 🙂

Lets check!

So we can see that our artboards appeared in Zeplin

As you can see here is our “menu icon” ready for downloading in .png and .svg. Also we see size of this icons, color and etc.


Same situation are with font and any shapes, developers can see all specifications. 

Also you can add colors and fonts to the Guidelines

As you can see result’s are very cool, my developers love them! 

To be honest for me Zeplin is very useful tool, it really solve lot of problems with design implementing. Because main problem is good looking design layouts and really not cool final results. Zeplin solve it perfectly! 

Now you can invite developers and other users to your project using their e-mails.

There also lot of features that I don’t describe at this article, for example comments and notifications and etc. For me Zeplin is really very easy tool and good designer need just few hr to make deal with this tool. Hope you like my article.   

Thanks for reading!

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