UI/UX web and mobile trends in 2018

UI/UX web and mobile trends in 2018

The mobile and web trends for UI/UX has been vastly improving over the past years. This has been due to a number of technological improvements. There is no denying that tech companies have become more innovative and competitive over the past couple of years. This competitiveness has been especially evident in both web and mobile UX. This innovative capacity is not set to slow down anytime soon. As for the year 2018 User friendly experience will be the main force behind innovation. 2018 UX trends are set to focus on usability. It will be useless for a web developer to focus on technology that is not user friendly to the lives of the everyday individual.


Usability will be at the forefront of many mobile and web UX designer’s minds. If history has taught us anything it’s that customers will prefer to use a tech system that is easy to use. It will be a miscalculation for a web or mobile designer to engineer a software which only a few tech savvy personnel can use with relative ease. Technology developed by tech companies has to have an actual potential for mass usage by the general public. Mass adoption requires ease of use by most people. For example block chain was a big thing in the year 2017 as markets recorded a growth in the prices of crypto currencies, however crypto currencies need to be more usable in order for block chain technology to actually take off. 

Mobile UX trends for 2018  

In the mobile app design universe designers are set to design with users in mind. Most application or programs that do not have users in mind are set to be total failures. Simplicity is therefore the most important part of mobile app platform. 

The linear user flow is going to rise in popularity in the mobile sector. This user experience allows the user to easily complete one step after the other. For instance it is used by popular ride sharing applications such as Uber. It is extremely helpful as it also estimates how much time it will take to complete a task.

The release of the iphone X brought new concepts and ideas in the UX trends to be expected in the year 2018. The iphone X has no physical home button therefore the user will need to use basic interactions that are gesture related. Mobile designers are going to pay increasing attention to gesture related interfaces. These will mostly include motion related and animation related gestures in order to give commands to the mobile device. 

Time saving UX designs will increase in popularity among end users. This is especially true when you think about the fact that a person can spend at most 8 seconds concentrating at something. Therefore mobile developers will concentrate on developing apps that has a time saving user interface that does not waste the impatient users.

Voice command activation is likely going to be a big thing in the year 2018. Google released a report that stated that as much as 20% of all searches where done using voice command. It’s easy to see that voice activated interfaces are going to be the next big thing in the near future. Siri, Alexa and Cotana are some of the success stories of this UX tech. This technology has improved dramatically in accuracy, to the point that 90% accuracy has become the new norm. 

In the digital security sector biometric security will rise in popularity and accessibility. Although this tech has been around for some time it has not been accessible to much of the public, but in 2018 we are most likely going to see an increase in its use as cyber security becomes a top priority. The main function for biometric tech will be for authentication and identity verification.

As far as mobile apps are concerned well curated easy to use apps are going to dominate the mobile app platform. Therefore we are set to see more content centered apps. Improving content comprehension is going to be a major goal for most content UX designers. 

Web UX trends for 2018 

User experience has been a big thing in 2017 and it is unlikely to stop in 2018 as designers focus on producing web designs that are driven by user satisfaction. Enhancing end user satisfaction will be the primary goal of most developers in the year of 2018 in both the mobile and web markets.

Smarter and more personalized content experience will be very trendy tech amongst developers. Especially amongst web developers. As far as the content related aspects of the business is concerned dealing with each user as an individual and tailoring his web content accordingly. This will involve a lot of artificial intelligence which a lot of big companies have already started to pay close attention to. This is evident on platforms such as youtube and yahoo. This trend has been becoming more and more sophisticated over the past decade. There is the aspect of psychology which improves the UX. Users want a more personal attachment to their devices therefore there is a need to personalize content in relation to the end users emotions. Personalizing the web platform will involve a lot of monitoring of a user’s interests and behaviors. Companies such as Facebook have vowed to crack on elements on their network that seek to touch on this subjects in order to further their political goals. Content related UX is set to be one of the most important innovative aspects of 2018.   

UI/UX trend forecast 

The main forecast is based on existing mobile and web UX trends. Designers are going to enhance user friendly and popular UX tech. Some sectors need more innovation and work before they are ready for the end user market. However some UX tech are already trendy on certain devices and applications. The UX trends will range from content personalization, biometric security, to usability. Usability is very important to the end user as it allows for non tech savvy users to use mobile and web platform. Therefore it will seem normal for designers to pay particular attention to usability. 

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