Podax – first project of US market

Podax – first project of US market

So, it’s again my interview for the awesome design portal https://www.designideas.pics

Podax was our first project for an English-speaking client at 2015. Before this time we mostly work on Russian market.

You know, it’s a rare situation when a client gives you a lot of space and just ask make a beautiful design (beautiful, it’s very individual criteria and you never know does your “beautiful” look same like clients’ image or not) So we decide make 5 different design concepts visions, 3 designers work on them. Client like all of them, but give some fixes and we create totally different last version of the design. 

We were inspired by some behavioral work, by night club posters by different staff of our favorite artists, sound waves and notes – all that can be close to music. And I can tell you that most working methods is brainstorming – when everybody tell their associations and somebody very fast must write down all words and associations. Then we have some stuff that we can really use in work.

I can tell you that we always orient the client about the UX. Of course with beautiful UI design and try to bring one idea from all interfaces. It’s very important to make all products looks holistically and very user-friendly.

You need to always keep in mind that somebody will use it after you create it – so you need to care about the users, so they can be very easy and fast to use, of course the product has to be beautiful. Also I want advise to catch the inspiration from everywhere and everybody. And don’t forget the UI/UX designer mission – it helps bring to the life new projects and these must be perfect and unique, if not… why you do them? For fast money? It’s sounds stupid! Believe me if you will do excellent and perfect product (even not for lot of money) this proud bring money for this client and next time this client will work only with you. And of course this design will be great case in your portfolio and bring more clients for you. So, just love your work and make there through World little more perfect and beautiful

Final Result 

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