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Game development is not only a creative and fascinating process, but also painstaking and hard work of professionals.   We understand how important it is to ensure that no detail was lost in the process of creating and testing games. Our artists will help to translate your vision of the game into reality, while our experienced programmers will advise you how to create the game world which you have in mind. We fully provide our partners with all the necessary resources to create unrivaled mobile and social games. Combining our long-term experience with fresh thinking, we offer a full development cycle, as well as opportunities for joint distributed development of our teams together with the partner’s teams. OUR SKILLS: (Game Art, UI/UX, Unity, Virtual Reality, Animation, C#, Facebook SDK/API, Google SDK/API, Fibrum, Vuforia, Amplitude, Mixpanel, Heyzap, AppoDeal, AdMob, Sound Design)

Our Services:

  • Mobile Games Development on iOS
  • Mobile Games Development on Android
  • Mobile Games Development on Windows Phone
  • Mobile Games Development in Unity
  • Social Media Games Development (Facebook, Vkontakte, Odnoklasniki)
  • Web Games Development
  • Arcade Games Development
  • Puzzle Games Development
  • Children’s Games Development
  • Gambling Games Development
  • Mobile Casino Games Development
  • Online Casino Games Development
  • Casino Slots, Blackjack & Poker
  • Card Games
  • Educational Games
  • 2D Mobile games
  • 3D mobile Games
  • 2D Game Art
  • 3D game Art
  • UI Design
  • Sound Design
  • Concept Art

​​​The modern world cannot exist without mobile devices any longer. Smartphones running Android or iOS are already used to access the Internet alongside with personal computers. Do not forget about tablet devices running the same operating systems that are starting to displace laptops and netbooks from the mobile computer market. The number of mobile devices has already exceeded the number of stationary personal computers and, accordingly, the probability of visiting a website from a mobile device. Some companies ignore such visitors, sending them to a regular website. Others, more prudent, prefer to separately develop a mobile version of their website or to optimize it for mobile devices. It is possible to go even further. You can create a mobile application. There are several main advantages of mobile applications:

  • they create a platform for an effective presentation of the company;
  • the interface is simpler and more discreet;
  • apps run faster than websites;
  • most functions do not require an internet connection.

This makes mobile applications more user-friendly, accessible and enjoyable to use. This means more effective. OUR SKILLS: (Android SDK, Java, iOS 8,9, Objective C, Swift, PHP, XAMARIN)



Our Services:

  • Mobile User Interface Design
  • Mobile User Experience Design
  • Native iOS Mobile App Development
  • Native Android Mobile App Development
  • Xamarin Mobile App Development
  • Front-end Mobile App Development
  • Back-end Mobile App Development
  • Bank and Financial Apps
  • Food Delivery Apps
  • Different Variations of Taxi Apps
  • Dating Apps
  • Fitness Apps
  • Time Tracking Apps
  • and etc.

What motivates a user to download or buy a game? Descriptions, reviews and reviews can only spur his desires. The visual component is what helps to win the hearts of consumers. Posters, advertising boards, trailers and promo videos pique their interest. Several game attributes appear after the game release: unique statuettes for hundreds of dollars, clothing and accessories. The success of such companies largely depends on the quality of game art. Most of the time is spent particularly on its creation. The cost of art creation depends on:

  • the size of the game universe and the number of characters;
  • project implementation timeframe;
  • the type of game engine that will be used
  • the number of graphic designers working on the project.

Our Services:

  • 2D Character Creation
  • 3D Character Creation
  • 2D and 3D Game Mapping
  • Game Interface Design of any Complexity
  • Level Design
  • Logo and Promo Graphics Design
  • Sprite Animation
  • 3D animation
  • Unity Animation

In order to create a website, a system or application that will successfully solve business problems, you need to provide a user-friendly interface. We do not only develop interfaces for a new business idea, but also perform the evaluation of existing interfaces and improve them. In addition to the websites, we are working on various systems of intra-corporate use (CRM, ERP), mobile applications, ATMs and terminals, voice systems (IVR) and so on. Design is what the user sees first when entering your resource, whether it’s a website, a mobile application or a heavily loaded web or mobile service. At this point, he or she evaluates your product and compares it with the competitors’ products. Based on the design, a user gets the impression of the company level. This is related to the fact that the site visit is quite often the first contact of a potential client with your organization. Graphic design clearly positions the company, and the quality of design allows to measure your level of respect and attitude to customers.

Our Services:

  • Interface design
  • Interface Creation
  • Web Service Interface Creation
  • Graphic Interface Creation
  • Web Interface Design
  • Development of Website Design
  • Program Design Development
  • Web Interface Development
  • User Interface Development
  • Internet Banking Interfaces
  • ATM Interfaces Design
  • Web Site Interface Design
  • App Interface Development
  • Mobile App Interfaces
  • UI and UX design/creation
  • Development of pictograms/icons

We are pleased to offer our clients such kinds of artwork as: the production of illustrations for presentation of print and online publications, advertising, design of various stands, banners, boards, books, newspapers, magazines and media for industry, business and cultural spheres. All graphic illustrations to your order are created by graduate artists with higher art education. With us you can order art services to illustrate your own literary or scientific works. Thematic illustrations to your book made by a professional artist will allow you to present the entire concept of your work to the viewer in detail! Professional graphic drawings and illustrations will help to penetrate into the depth of the plot of a literary work, diving the reader into the world of images created by writers and poets. We also work with Self-publishing platforms such as Amazon Create Space and Kindle Direct Publishing.  




Our Services:

  • Creation of Illustrations for Children’s Books
  • Creation of Illustrations for Novels
  • Technical Illustrations
  • Book Layout for Amazon
  • Illustrations for Printed Publications

Graphic Design is one of the most demanded areas of modern design, which includes web design, design of printed products (from books and magazines to advertising brochures and flyers); corporate identity design; packaging design and branding of premises, as well as graphic interior design, helping to visualize facilities development project. TESORO STUDIO provides the broad range of services in the field of graphic design. The main goal of high-quality graphic design is to create a unique, non-standard and very memorable image that will help to promote goods or services to the market, as well as to create a certain image of the company or product in the market. These are the qualities of our specialists.  With the use of non-verbal means, we will help you to promote a new product, change the familiar image, adjust the emotional attitude to this or that object, as well as create a holistic image of your company in the market. We can not only develop a corporate style for your company, but also support your activity on the Internet and social media by creating a website and banners, advertising layouts for print media or an advertising booklet, and even create outdoor advertising in the same style.

Our Services:

  • Graphic Design
  • Logo Design
  • Branding
  • Corporate Identity Design
  • Website Design
  • Design of Printed Products
  • Design of Flyers, Booklets, Business Cards
  • Package Design
  • Design of Souvenirs
  • Banners and Post Templates for Social Media


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