Mobile App Development Trends in 2019

Mobile App Development Trends in 2019

Augmented reality

By 2020, the Augmented Reality market is expected to reach $ 120 billion. Even now, many companies use augmented reality in their mobile apps. Those include Apple’s ARKit and Google’s ARCore.

Leading industries such as retail and healthcare, engineering and real estate can alter their image in the next few years due to the introduction of AR.

AR-graphics and video in your content can ensure a better user experience. You might remember how the augmented reality by Pokemon Go, conquered the hearts of users around the world. Furthermore, Amazon has recently announced Amazon Go, which will affect the global trade.

Advantages of augmented reality for business:

  • better visual experience for clients
  • detailed presentation and description of products
  • confirmation of products relevance in real time
  • training opportunities for employees and partners
  • increase in labor productivity and quality of services

Virtual reality

By 2020, the virtual reality market will reach $ 30 billion, without being limited to entertainment and games. Today VR enjoys increasing demand in retail, medicine, marketing, and other industries.

The advantages of virtual reality are apparent:

  • opportunity to showcase products and services anywhere
  • effective promotion via interactive interaction
  • increasing the efficiency of branding and marketing in general
  • detailed 3D presentations and instructions for customers

Machine learning and artificial intelligence

Machine learning is a significant trend, whereby user behavior helps to improve the user experience continuously. Virtual Personal Assistants (VPA), Intelligent Applications, IoT – all these elements use computer training and artificial intelligence.

Such amazing products of recent years as Prisma, Siri and Google Now extend the opportunities of digital gadgets to the maximum. Although these technologies are in its infancy and are still imperfect, experts predict their rapid development in the nearest future.

Artificial intelligence allows businesses to add useful features such as personalized experience, behavioral targeting, etc.

Predictive analysis

The giants of the world of technologies, including Facebook, Apple, Google, IBM and the leading mobile application developers, already use predictive analytics.

The essence of predictive analysis is that AI and Machine Learning create highly intelligent and realistic scenarios of various processes. For example, the results of marketing campaigns and business development in general.


Blockchain technology involves recording important information in the form of blocks. The advantage is that it is impossible to change the data without making changes to subsequent blocks and network collision. This, in turn, makes block-chaining a safe solution for cryptocurrencies and similar areas.

Chatbots (virtual assistants)

Chatbots are actively developing nowadays since direct verbal communication with customers of online shops and online communication in business is very profitable in general. Female consultants working part-time become a thing of the past.

Thanks to AI, chatbots integrated with a mobile application are capable of managing a conversation, pushing a client to perform a targeted action, imitating live communication with surprising accuracy.

In 2019, chatbots implementation will be a mobile development trend.

Cloud technologies

Cloud technologies, intelligently integrated into mobile applications have proved to be very useful in the collection, storage and analysis of user data. With the help of cloud technologies, the user can retrieve data faster and easier without overloading the phone’s memory.

You can easily store data and run applications for everyday tasks. Cloud technologies increase the reliability, speed and security of your mobile applications.

The latter is particularly important for entrepreneurs who now ensure the integrity of commercial information via the “clouds”.

Optimization of repetitive operations leads to a marked reduction in the cost of hosting and equipment, expanding the capabilities of your applications.

However, one of the main advantages is the possibility of access via multiple platforms. Due to these indisputable advantages, experts believe that in 2019 cloud applications will capture 90% of the total mobile traffic in the world.


Mobile app security is essential today. Regardless of what kind of software you are developing.

This is because a modern smartphone is a safe with the personal information of its owner. О To open this safe is a hacker’s dream.

Despite the real threats, most people do not take the security of websites seriously. The policy of some companies “Bring Your Own Device» (BYOD), together with the benefit brought double risk: corporate mobile applications are more likely to suffer due to employees’ devices.

This explains the necessity for integrated security (authorization, encryption) in mobile development. Manage your reputation.

Edge Computing

Edge Computing implemented to simplify the operations for the widespread use of IoT, which will lead in the digital world of the future. Several technology giants in Europe and the United States have already made a bet on the so-called Edge computing in mobile apps.



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