Apple Phones Security

Apple Phones Security

A year ago Apple has insensibly secured us from ingenious password readers

In the past year, Apple has made some changes to its iOS mobile operating system. This news, as well as the reasons for this decision have been reported on recently. Security researchers have demonstrated a webpage that could define the password on your iPhone using its own sensors. This sounds unusual, but the development got the job done with stunning accuracy.

iPhone can track your steps and understand the nature of several other movements. This was made possible due to a special sensor. Applications from third-party developers could use those sensors without obtaining additional permissions. It turned out that the gyroscope makes it possible to find out what password does the user enter. In 70 percent of the cases, a three-digit password could be identified at the first attempt. 100 percent of passwords were cracked within five attempts.

Not very good news. It was found that not only applications, but also web pages, opened in some browsers, might work this way. The researchers shared their findings with Apple, and the company has closed down this window of vulnerability in iOS 9.3. It’s noteworthy that Google company is also aware of the problem, but it’s still not solved in Android.

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